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Making Baby Bear’s porridge : Dealing with the gold-plater on your team

What is a gold-plater? A commonly voiced frustration when you get a group of project managers together is dealing with gold-platers. To them, a gold-plater is someone who cannot finish their work and release it to the client. They have … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough…….Overcoming the fear of failure

Stone stairway to heaven

One of our biggest challenges in working with a team is keeping people motivated when things get hard.   Why does one person work themselves into the ground doing far more work than is necessary, while another spends hours on … Continue reading

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Old School Tricks for getting the best from your Project Management Conference

London skyline with sepia filter

At the recent Ground Control conference, I was talking to some digital project managers who were saying how much they valued the conference, how enlightening it was to talk with other project managers and how important such self-development is, but … Continue reading

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Are you the Project Hero? Or are you stuck in the Drama Triangle?

Female Superhero

As a project manager or lead BA do you ever find yourself stuck in this role? There is conflict between other members of the team and you feel you must go and sort things out for them. This plays out … Continue reading

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Am I doing my user stories right? The team aren’t getting it.

Post-it note and pen

Recently I was working with a BA to explore why the user stories she is creating are not being followed by some of her team. About the Team She is in the situation many people in large organisations are in. … Continue reading

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Business Change – The Kubler-Ross Model

Picture of bridge

My interest in change management and behaviour started with my very first IT project. Although the Project manager said the users wanted a new tool, just putting it out there meant it was ignored.   At first, I couldn’t understand … Continue reading

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Really Alexa?

Listening Ear, no privacy.

I am coming across lots of articles waxing lyrical about how virtual assistants like Alexa or Cortana will change our lives, the way we interact with computers, companies and each other. These devices are incredibly popular and it is assumed they … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence

The sound of silence

One of the most underrated techniques in running a workshop is just shutting up.   Does this sound strange to you? You have pulled a workshop together to encourage people to share views and opinions and I am saying there … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

At a recent conference of digital project managers in Manchester one question I heard asked many times was “How do you organise yourself to get things done?   And the answer that came up again and again (from those that had … Continue reading

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The Business Analyst and Data Privacy

Palymobil camera man and Barbie

Having spent a number of years working in the pharmaceutical industry, I have often needed to work out the data privacy impact on the solution we were building. If you work in the finance or e-commerce domains I am sure … Continue reading

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